What We Offer

Unlock a comprehensive suite of services that set your brand apart:

• Key account management and field sales organization in all sales channels.
• Consumer, shopper, and market insight and data.
• Consumer marketing encompassing local brand strategy, execution of advertising plan and social media management.
• Customer marketing in all channels to strengthen brand presence.
• Wide-ranging logistical services for seamless brand delivery.

What You Get as a Brand Owner

Experience the expertise of a dedicated team of over 40 professionals at a fraction of the cost of a full organization. Your brand will thrive within our portfolio, benefitting from our collective skills, investments in cutting-edge tools, data, and insights. Beyond our core services, we collaborate with top-tier marketing, logistical, and other partners to offer a complete range of services for your brand.

What We Do

More than just a distributor, we are your gateway to success

1. Understanding Consumers: We connect with your target audience on a personal level.
2. Insight-Driven Planning: Our strategies are rooted in deep market insights.
3. Goal-Oriented Commitment: Setting and achieving goals is our commitment.
4. Customer-Centric Success: We win by creating value for our customers.
5. Efficiency in Action: We work smart and efficiently to elevate your brand.
6. Continuous Culture Development: Our culture of excellence is ever evolving.

Explorer Since 1921

Lejos Oy, founded in 1921, is part of the Juuranto Group. Our values – together, openness, courage, curiosity, and passion – guide our every action and decision. We're not just a business; we are explorers of the world, importing and marketing globally acclaimed foods for consumers, wholesalers, hospitality chains, and the food industry.

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